About Us

Unplug. Recharge.

After 30 years engaging with water around the globe, Xcalak marks the spot where we, Innkeepers Rob and Leisa Mukai, have settled on a home body of water-a stretch of Caribbean, nestled inside the Great Mayan Reef. The manatees, dolphins, rays, turtles and all the gorgeous tropical fish that swim among coral heads just wading distance from Acocote Eco Inn's door, are protected by Xcalak National Reef Park. The sleepy Mayan town of Xcalak hosts two excellent dive shops, and a number of knowledgeable fly fishing guides that can give you a shot at a flats grand slam. (You know what I'm talking about fishermen.)

So, what's behind the name Acocote Eco Inn? Well, it represents our commitment to our guests and to the environment. Acocote is an old word for dahlia, the national flower of Mexico. Long ago, the acocote served the indigenous people as a portable sanctuary. Acocote provided food, water, beauty, and comfort to travelers adventuring far afield of home which is also our commitment to our guests. We are equally committed to protecting this fragile environment. Acocote Eco Inn is 100% off the grid; utilizing solar, septic, and reclaimed water, minimizing our carbon footprint.

By the way, our tag line: "Unplug. Recharge." Doesn't mean you can't bring your electronics with you, we do have power and internet connectivity, but you can minimize your carbon footprint staying with us completely unplugged from the grid. Being in such a secluded and pristine location, allows you to relax and unwind the stresses of work life and recharge your spirit.

~ Rob and Leisa