2019 Improvements to the Inn

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 01, 2020

Tags: Xcalak Acocote Eco Inn Improvements

First sunrise of 2020 at Acocote Eco Inn, Xcalak, Mexico

Here are the improvements we did for the Inn this year! In no particular order:

New Fishing Hoodie with Tailers Art graphic. Taken after a super slam

1. New hoodie fishing shirts with artwork by Elias at Tailers Art

New Rolls Batteries for our Off-grid Inn

2. New Battery bank

New Cushions with Sunbrella fabric for the chairs in the Palometa Suite

3. New cushions for the chairs in the Palometa Suite

New Aimstar Jewelry in colored Sterling Silver

4. New colored Sterling Silver pieces by Aimstar Jewelry

New hand carved keychains for the rooms at Acocote Eco Inn

5. New Keychains

New road Signs

6. New Signs for the drive up. Thanks Bryce!

Rod racks in the rooms so you don't have to break them down.

7. Rod racks in the rooms so you can take them straight from the rod bath to the room without having to break them down.

New kitchen remodel in the Sabalo Suite at Acocote Eco Inn

8. Kitchen remodel in the Sabalo Suite. New katalox live edge bar, acid stained concrete on the sink and counter, plus pot rack above.
9. Repaired Concrete and painted exterior

Water jugs for guides to minimize the use of plastic water bottles on the water

10. Provided water jugs for guides to minimize single use plastic out on the water

New Acocote Eco Inn stainless steel insulated water bottles for use by guests and guides

11. New Acocote Eco Inn Water Bottles for use by guests and guides. Please don't buy plastic water bottles when you come to Xcalak. We have plenty of pet bottles on the beach already. Don't need to add to the collection.

Trade show booth for the Fly Fishing Faire in So. Cal.

12. Did my first trade show. The So. Cal Fly Fishing Faire in Pasadena.
13. Blackout curtains.

14 Blog Posts in 2019, took a long vacation in the US this year and got to catch a few trout with good friends, got my first Super Grand Slam, first DIY Grand Slam and had a ton of great guests. Hope to see you all in 2020!