A Christmas Gift

Written by Rob Mukai on Dec. 30, 2019

Tags: Xcalak Acocote Eco Inn Volunteer

Dr. Ryan Mickelson doing a free dental exam, Xcalak, Mexico

Dr. Ryan Mickelson is a Pediatric Dentist from Durango, CO who came to Xcalak for a week of fly fishing over the holidays. On Christmas Eve 2019, Ryan held a free pediatric dental clinic for the kids of Xcalak. Although some of the kids were out of town for the holidays. Many kids have family in Chetumal and spend the holidays there. Ryan offered to see any kids for a free dental checkup and fluoride treatment. And on Christmas Eve, he set up shop at our new health clinic in Xcalak. With David Huix, our president of the municipal health committee, as translator. Ryan saw 20 kids, almost half of the child population in town. All of them got fluoride treatments, some got silver diamine fluoride to arrest the development of cavities until they could go see a dentist to get fillings. He even did one tooth extraction of a particularly bad tooth. And to top it off, he gave every kid a new toothbrush and tooth paste. Thank you Dr. Ryan Mickelson. That was a very cool thing to do.

Dr. Ryan Mickelson with a nice Jack Crevalle in Chetumal Bay, Xcalak, Mexico