Cenotes - Jardin del Eden (Garden of Eden)

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 14, 2016

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Platys and cichlids

Our Visit

Jardin del Eden is in a group of four cenotes just south of Puerto Aventuras across from the Barcelo Maya Hotel. It has a couple of smaller pools and one main pool. The main cenote has two areas to do some cliff diving (in the 10-15 foot heights). It was very popular and very crowded when we went. It is a bit of a hike from the road, but many people took a mini-bus there and walked in. Jardin del Eden has a ton of fish, and it looks like you are swimming in someone’s aquarium. There are lots of platys, and cichlids. The main pool also has very large rocks so you can go out to the middle and stand up on them. Water temp was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It is almost a perfect temperature for the Yucatan summers. Overall it has a bit of the feel of a public swimming pool.

Main pool at Jardin Del Eden


No sunscreen or insect repellents

Sign at the entrance


$100 pesos per person


It’s hard to find a place to put your stuff when it is crowded. We found that if you go to the end of the cenote (follow the snorkel signs and walk up the right side as you are looking at the cliff divers, there are fewer people there.

Main pool