Day Trips from Xcalak - Mountain Bike Ride in the Jungle

Written by Rob Mukai on Jul. 01, 2019

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Wili Rincon

So this is another bit of a cheat. It really isn't for a day trip to Xcalak, but more if you have time on the drive down to Xcalak or on your way back to Cancun. But this was a great time riding a mountain bike in the jungle. First of all, let me introduce you to Wili Rincon. Wili is an independent guide and he has 6 very nice 18 speed mountain bikes for you to use. He will take you on a 25-30 KM bike ride in 4 hours.

Small Cenote

The ride goes through a lot of dirt roads, but also down some single tracks in the jungle to get to a couple of really cool cenotes. Definitely bring some good shoes, this is not a flip flop kind of ride.

Mot Mot Birds

Also got to take a dip in the second cenote. The water was super refreshing 2/3 of the way through the hot dusty ride. There was a ton of great wildlife as well. We caught a few mot mot birds with their long pendulum-like tails on camera. Coati's running across the track in front of us. Wili has also seen Jaguars on early morning rides. The terrain is pretty flat. This is the Yucatan. But there are some small hills, and some narrow single track, although not very technical.

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