Day Trips from Xcalak - Tulum Ruins

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 16, 2016

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El Castillo in Tulum


After Chichen Itza, Tulum is probably the most visited ruin in the Yucatan. You will likely see 30-40 tour buses in the parking lot but it is a very large site and can handle the crowds. There is a large area of shops and some dancing and other traditional Mayan displays before you even get to the site. Tulum was one of the last cities built by the ancient Maya and also one of the few that were built right on the sea. It was a trading port for the city of Coba. It appears that disease brought by the Spanish caused the abandonment of the city.

Two columns Tulum

Our Visit

The entrance to the Tulum ruins is right off of 307, the road you take from Cancun. It is in the north end of Tulum. So watch for the signs as you pull into town.

Caribbean from the top of the cliffs

It is a pretty sprawling site and wide open. There are very few trees and a lot of very large iguanas. The main attraction is the Castillo or Castle in the middle of the site. Another fun activity to visit the beach. The site is situated on 10 M high cliffs, but if you take the stairs to the beach, it is pretty spectacular. White sand and turquoise Caribbean, but the waves can be a little rough. Bring your swimming suite in case the crowds get too much or if it is really hot.

Watch Tower in Tulum

Don’t Miss

Bring your combat tourist gear and your swimming suit. After wandering the site, go hit the beach.