Fly Tying Step by Step - Red Striped K#ken

Written by Rob Mukai on May. 31, 2020

Tags: Fly Tying Red Striped K#ken Step by Step

This fly was responsible for 11 of 12 permit caught by a guest in 2020. It is a good all around fly, but the permit really dig it. Fish it in deeper water, like 3-4 feet with large brass eyes. Or tie with with bead chain eyes on a size 6 hook for shallower water. You can find a video on our Youtube Channel.

Fly Tying instructional video for the Red Striped K#ken


  • Hook - Gamakatsu SL11-3H size 2-6
  • Thread - Tan 140 Denier
  • Weight - Large Dumbbell Eyes
  • Body - SLF Saltwater Dub - Tan
  • Legs - Wapsi Yellow/Red Striped rubber legs
  • Wing - Tan Craft Fur
  • Flash - Gold Angel Hair
  1. Cover shank of hook with thread, tie in dumbbell eyes Tie on dumb bell eyes

  2. Dub SLF Saltwater dub in a taper on the hook shank to the dumbbell eyes Dub a tapered shape onto the shank

  3. Tie in Rubber legs in an X on top of the dumbbell eyes Tie in rubber legs

  4. Dub SLF Saltwater dub over the legs and dumbbell eyes Dub over legs and dumbbell eyes

  5. Tie in a large clump of craft fur for the wing Tie in craft fur wing

  6. Tie in a sparse bit of gold Angel hair on the top of the wing Tie in Angel Hair

  7. Dub to the eye of the hook

    Dub to the eye of the hook

  8. Trim legs

    Trim legs

  9. Stripe wing with Red Sharpie

    Stripe wing with Red Sharpie