Our Pet Permit

Written by Rob Mukai on May. 31, 2016

Tags: Acocote Eco Inn Snorkeling Saltwater Fly Fishing Wildlife

So when we bought Sandwood Villas last year, we knew that it came with 2 dogs, Maya and Blanca. What we didn't know is that it came with 3 pet permit and a school of bonefish. These guys have been hanging around our place just off the beach for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully they hang around longer. Leisa had mentioned a few times that every time she comes in from a snorkel out to the Great Mayan Reef, right out front of our Xcalak hotel, that she has seen the same school of bonefish and the 3 permit. So I decided to go check it out. So with camera in hand, I snorkeled out to where she had mentioned, and sure enough, there was a pretty large school of bonefish with 3 small permit tagging along with them. They let me get surprisingly close to them. Even when I got too close, they didn't run away so much as circled around me. They just hung around in the same area. You can also really tell why they call bonefish the ghosts of the flats. Even relatively close up they are hard to see. Not sure I could see them even in the crystal clear water at 20 inches deep. I took some video you can check out on our youtube channel or click the image below.

Youtube Video of our Pet Permit, Acocote Eco Inn, Xcalak, Mexico