Xcalak Center for First Contact and Preventative Health

Written by Rob Mukai on Jun. 06, 2019

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First Response and Preventative Health Center in Xcalak

UPDATE: Unfortunately the clinic has closed.

I'm a little late to write about this but April 7, 2019, we got a new health center in Xcalak. The building has been sitting idle for quite a while, but we now have new residents. Dr. Arturo Mora and his wife and medical assistant, Kristine Gaudreault now staff the Xcalak Center for First Contact and Preventative Health. Dr. Arturo is a surgeon, however the center is not technically a "clinic" as it doesn't have the required equipment to be called a "clinic". For example, they don't have an X-Ray machine. What the Center is great for is initial diagnosis and first treatment. They are also committed to help the community with preventative health issues, like diabetes prevention, obesity, etc.

Dr. Arturo Mora and Kristine Gaudreault

Their hours are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday. However in case of emergency, they live only a block away from the center and can come pretty quickly if they are home. And they both speak English.

The center is located on the south end of the soccer field in Xcalak Town.