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Day Trips from Xcalak - San Filipe Museum Bacalar

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 07, 2016


San Filipe Museum in Bacalar is located in San Filipe Fort on the main square of the Pueblo Magico. It overlooks Bacalar lagoon, the lagoon of 7 colors. The fort itself was built in 1733 to defend the town...

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Restaurant Review - Asadero El Pollo

Written by Rob Mukai on Sep. 18, 2016

So I am a bit of a foody, and one of the things I like is finding out of the way eateries that are punching way above their weight class. Sometimes it’s a pastry cart in Bangkok, or an Oden cart in Tokyo on a winter’s day that...

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Restaurant Review - Savora Bakhalal

Written by Rob Mukai on Dec. 30, 2016

If you are on a daytrip to Bacalar, or to the ruins at Dzibanche and you want to get some good food. Give Savora Bakhalal a try. It is an Italian...

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Restaurant Review - Porque No Gelato

Written by Rob Mukai on Dec. 31, 2016

Right on the main square in Bacalar, there is a small gelato shop called Porque No (means Why Not?). And indeed why not get a hand made gelato or sorebeto made with fresh fruit, on a hot day in Bacalar. If you are in...

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Los Rapidos – Day Trips from Xcalak, Mexico

Written by Rob Mukai on Apr. 30, 2017

Located at mile marker 8 KM on route 307 between Chetumal and Bacalar is the restaurant at Los Rapidos. It is located on a creek that connects the Xul-ha Lagoon and Bacalar lagoon. The difference in elevation is enough to...

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Day Trip to Mayan Ruins and Bacalar from Acocote Eco Inn

Written by Rob Mukai on Apr. 01, 2019

This is a day-trip that you can make from the Inn. If you need a break from standing in the front of a boat, or to get out of the sun for a bit, this is a great way to spend a day. This is a full day excursion. A couple of...

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Day Trips from Xcalak - Exotic Bacalar Edition

Written by Rob Mukai on Jun. 07, 2019


This is a good day trip if you are looking for something completely different. If you need a break from fishing or diving, a trip to Bacalar should definitely be on your radar. This can also be tacked on to...

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