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Toby's Restaurant

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 20, 2016

Toby’s is in the middle of Xcalak town and serves fresh seafood and more traditional Mexican fare such as tacos and quesadilla as well. Toby’s also has complementary wifi for those that need to stay connected. Although he...

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Silvia's Restaurant

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 26, 2016

Silvia’s is right next to Toby’s on the main drag of Xcalak, but set back a few yards from the road. Silvia serves fresh seafood and Mexican dishes. All are made to order, so this is not fast food. During the lobster season you...

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Restaurant review - Costa de Cocos

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 30, 2016

Located inside the Costa de Cocos resort, they brew their own craft beer and distill their own moonshine. The restaurant has Pizza, as well as other traditional dishes, like tacos and even chicken fingers. Their signature pizza...

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Mayan Grill at Tierra Maya

Written by Rob Mukai on Feb. 09, 2016

Update April 13, 2017: Added image of Mayan Grill Menu

Located in the Tierra Maya hotel. The restaurant is in a palapa roofed building with nice wooden furniture. With the Leaky Palapa closed, this is the upper end...

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Leaky Palapa Restaurant - Updated Feb. 5, 2021

Written by Rob Mukai on Nov. 29, 2016

UPDATE: Linda and Marla decided not to come for the 2020/2021 season. As the land border between the US and Canada are restricted as well as the land border from the US to Mexico, they didn't think they could safely make it...

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