Restaurant Review - Market at Filipe Carillo Puerto

Written by Rob Mukai on Aug. 15, 2018

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Food Stalls in the Market at Filipe Carillo Puerto

Ok, another post of a not quite restaurant. This is in the Market at Filipe Carillo Puerto. Driving down from Cancun, Filipe Carillo Puerto is the largest town you will run into south of Tulum. It is roughly half way between Cancun and the turnoff to Mahahual near Limiones. If you go through town down the main drag from Cancun heading south, when you come to the main traffic circle, the market is to your right or to the east. There is parking right before you get to the traffic circle or if you turn right, there are a few spots just around the corner.

Coolers filled with deliciousness

On the south side of the market there are a number of stalls with tables running toward the road. On the tables you will find lots of little 6-pack sized coolers.

Salbutes and half eaten empanada

Each cooler contains a different warm treat. They have salbutes (Yucatecan "tacos" with soft deep fried tortillas), panuchos (Yucatecan "taco" with hard deep fried tortilla with a layer of refried beans under the meat), empanadas (deep fried pockets including meat and/or cheese) of every variety. The "waiter" will give you a plate covered in a plastic bag. Then you just grab what you want. They usually have "aguas" or fruit waters, including pineapple, orange, Jamaica (hybiscus tea), etc. And they also have pickled onions, shredded cabbage, and habanero salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole to spice up your meal.

What's inside the coolers - mmm empanadas

Great for a quick bite on the way down to Xcalak. Super quick, super cheap and highly recommended.