Silvia's Restaurant

Written by Rob Mukai on Jan. 26, 2016

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Silvia’s is right next to Toby’s on the main drag of Xcalak, but set back a few yards from the road. Silvia serves fresh seafood and Mexican dishes. All are made to order, so this is not fast food. During the lobster season you can get delicious lobster cooked the way you like it, either fried, boiled or grilled. Her fish of the day is usually a great way to go. Although tacos are always a goto at Silvia’s.

Silvia's Interior

Price: 200-250 Pesos/10-12 USD for most entrees. Lobster is more.

Ambiance: Silvia’s is in a concrete structure off the road. There are soft corals and conch shells on the walls. As most places, you will be eating on the ubiquitous plastic chairs and tables.

Silvia's Menu