Reel Recovery

Written by Leisa Mukai on Apr. 17, 2016

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For nearly a decade Rob and I have been attending the Reel Recovery Spring Bash, the primary fundraiser for Reel Recovery's Utah Chapter, an organization that helps men with cancer have a fly fishing adventure beside some gorgeous water. Rob has volunteered as a fishing buddy in the past. Over the years we've bought jewelry (me), wine (us), massage services (me), fishing accoutrement (Rob), guided fishing trips (Rob) and Mike Stidham prints of the three grand slam fish: permit, bonefish and tarpon that hang in our accomodations. In fact, it was at one of these events, about 5 or 6 years ago, that Rob was inspired by John Weis to actively look for a fishing property or hotel in the Caribbean. John had bought a property in Belize and hoped to eventually build a small house and spend half the year or so fishing in Chetumal Bay. Then things went sideways for John. A brain cancer diagnosis got in the way of completing his dream. He died last December.

Mike Stidham "Bonefish on the Flats" in our Xcalak hotel's Macabi SuiteMike Stidham "Tarpon on the Flats" in our Xcalak hotel's Sabalo SuiteMike Stidham "Permit on the Flats" in our Xcalak hotel's Palometa Suite

So, it meant a lot to us here at Acocote Eco Inn to be able to provide an auction item, a one week stay with us in our Xcalak hotel, to benefit Reel Recovery. In a sense it is one of the top validations of our business plan to be able to give back to this organization which inspired us to move forward with creating Acocote Eco Inn, in Xcalak in Mexico's Costa Maya. As anyone will tell you, a start up business is not for the faint of heart and to do it in a foreign language adds a whole new dimension of excitement. As we come into the close of our first year of business here in the Xcalak, Mexico, we'd like to say cheers to Carey Asper who bought the trip and to Reel Recovery's Utah Chapter. Be Well! Fish On!

Cary fishing the Chetumal Bay flats last year. Looking forward to having him back as the winner of the Reel Recovery Auction!

Here are some pictures of the event.

Packed house for the auction

Colby talking about Acocote Eco Inn before the auction. Thanks Colby

Thanks to Salt Lake City, Utah based commercial photographer Doug Barnes of for providing the photos of the event.