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2016 Updates and upgrades at Acocote Eco Inn

2016 Updates and upgrades at Acocote Eco Inn

So in year two we did a lot more improvements to the place. Hope you can come see them. Here is a list that is in no particular order.

1. New Entry doors.

2. Added 1500 watts of solar panel capacity

3. Doubled battery capacity

4. Upgraded solar system to 48 V with new inverter, and new charge controller

5. New beach loungers and cushions.

6. Repaired exterior concrete

7. New exterior paint

8. Upgraded more mattresses.

9. New battery cabinet

10. New doors for battery cabinet

11. New doors for water heaters

12. New Kayak

13. Repaired and re-glassed 2 kayaks.

14 Replaced shower drains

15. New tile in showers.

16. Replaced large propane tank.

17. Concreted in cabinets on exterior.

18. Concreted roof onto propane tank enclosure

19. 2 more tankless water heaters

20. New motorcycle 😉

21. New locksets for interior doors.

22. Replaced mirrors in the bathrooms.

23. Survived first hurricane, Earl.

Whew. And there’s more to come in 2017!

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