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2015 at Acocote Eco Inn

2015 at Acocote Eco Inn

Since we purchased Sandwood Villas and renamed it, Acocote Eco Inn, we have been very busy upgrading and renovating this Xcalak hotel to make it a cozy sanctuary on the beach for our guests. Here is a list in no particular order of the major projects we have completed in the last 6 months. Upgrades and renovations to Acocote Eco Inn

1. New 30,000 liter cistern (Thanks Greg!)

2. New 3,000 Watts of solar capacity

3. Signs in front of Inn and direction signs to get here. (Thanks Bryce and Mike!)

4. Big Palapa New Roof 

5. Big Palapa repair of base poles and new screens

6. 2 x new beach palapas


7. 2 new tankless water heaters

8. Repair interior concrete in all rooms

9. New paint in all rooms

10. Katalox Book shelves in all bedrooms

11. Brought down 1,500 books (Thanks Greg!)

12. 2x Dave Scadden stand up paddle boards

13. New Kayak paddles

14. New Katalox desk

15. Retiled two bedrooms

16. Rod bath (Thanks for the idea Andy!)

17. New plants/landscape design in front

18. New artwork of Amo bark in rooms

19. New artwork/photography from Douglas Barnes Photography (Thanks Doug!)

20. New website (Thanks Wylie, Bryce and Mike!)

21. New Facebook page

22. Creation of wellness studio in big Palapa.

23. Freshened up Entry Way

24. Upgraded some appliances

25. Sargasso Fence and treatment plan

26. Fxcalak Outfitters opened

27. Acocote Wellness opened

28. Added new window

29. Treated all windows and screens

30. Upgraded some mattresses

Wow, that was a lot of work. But it was well worth it. We hope you will come down and visit us to check out the new improvements.

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