Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Xcalak Guide Profiles – Filipe Miravete

Xcalak Guide Profiles – Filipe Miravete

We have a lot of great independent fly fishing guides here in Xcalak. I am putting up profiles of the guides in this space. I have personally been out fishing with every one that is highlighted here so I can personally vouch for their expertise and professionalism.

I’m kind of breaking a rule that I won’t put up a guide that I haven’t been out with. Filipe is the youngster of the Osprey Tours group of guides. And I haven’t gotten out with him yet. Will definitely update when I do.

Age = 25 years old

Years guiding = 5 years guiding in Xcalak

Favorite fish = bonefish and permit

Favorite fly = gotchas and mantis shrimp

Name of boat(s) = Yamily or Lizbeth

Why started guiding= He helped out guides for about 4 years, and decided to start guiding full time

What do you like to do when not guiding = Play football (soccer)

Do you tie flies = Not yet

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