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Cenotes – 7 Bocas

Cenotes – 7 Bocas

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7 Bocas is on the Ruta de los cenotes. You pick it up heading west from Puerto Morelos. This one is a cavern cenote that goes up to 500 feet deep. Definitely try going close to mid-day as most of the bocas (mouths) are pretty small and the only light in the caverns comes through there. So at mid-day you get the most light coming in. You can swim to 5 of the 7 bocas. The 6th you need to scuba dive and the 7th is a bit of a walk to get to. You can jump in boca 4. It’s a pretty small hole but bigger than the one at cenote calavera. And at about 10 feet high, it’s not too bad. The thing that was really cool about this cenote is that it is so deep, you can see the rays of the sun going down until they disappear without coming close to the bottom. They have ropes to help you get from boca to boca in the water. There were a bunch of cichlids and small catfish swimming around in the water as well.


No sunscreen/insect repellent


$300 Pesos


The jump is pretty fun into boca 4. Also take the quick walk to see boca 7. They have a board across it so you can look straight down into it.

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