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Cenotes – Casa Cenote

Cenotes – Casa Cenote

Our Visit

Casa Cenote is a few minutes north of Tulum off of 307 on Tankah bay. It is a surface cenote and because it is on the east side it is very close to the ocean and the water definitely has some salt in it. This was actually one of our favorites. When you drive up to it, there isn’t much parking and when we arrived there was no place to park. The trick was, we arrived about lunchtime, so we parked in the hotel parking lot and ate lunch at the hotel restaurant. They let us leave the car there after we ate to go swim in the cenote. One of the first things you notice is there are a number of schools of baby tarpon swimming in the mangroves along the cenote. Most of the other cenotes had platys and mollies, as well as a variety of cichlids. This was the only cenote we went to that had juvenile tarpon. Also, from the road the cenote looks really small, but it actually is deceptively large and winds around in a horseshoe shape. We had to go back to get our fins, because it was turning into quite a swim. Water temp was again probably around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Feels really cold getting in, but feels great once you are in it.


Only biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent


$70 Pesos


Bring your fins, it’s bigger than it looks. Also, look for the tarpon schools.

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