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Cenotes – Cenote Azul

Cenotes – Cenote Azul

Our Visit

Cenote Azul is right next door to Jardin del Eden on 307 near Puerto Aventuras. We actually didn’t go into the water there, although I am sure it is similar to Jardin del Eden. The reason was we couldn’t find a place to put our stuff. We walked all the way around the main pool and there were people’s stuff put in every possible nook and cranny. Cenote Azul also had a couple of kiddy pools, shallow pools with lots of little catfish in them. If Jardin del Eden is a public swimming pool then Cenote Azul is more like the family friendly public pool. The shallow pools and even the main cenote are relatively shallow and would be great for kids. They do have a couple of platforms to do some cliff diving off.


No sunscreen or insect repellent


$80 Pesos


Go early as it was packed later in the afternoon.

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