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Cenotes – Cenote Calavera/Temple of Doom

Cenotes – Cenote Calavera/Temple of Doom

Our Visit

This cenote is very close to Tulum (walking distance from the San Francisco grocery store) on the road to Coba. Calavera means skull and it’s obvious why. It has a large opening and two small openings. Like two eyes and a mouth. It is a relatively small cavern type cenote but interesting. It can get crowded quickly. When we arrived there were two other people and it was comfortable. When 4 more people showed up it felt a bit crowded. The fun thing to do is to jump through one of the “eyes” into the water. The opening is really small, but the drop is only about 10 ft. Water temp was about the same (70-75 degrees Fahrenheit), so pretty cool at first but once you are in, it feels really refreshing. Especially when it is 90 degrees outside.


None noted, however it is a safe bet they want no insect repellent and no or biodegradable sunscreen.


$100 pesos


Jump in through the “eye” for a bit of fun.

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