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Cenotes – Dos Ojos

Cenotes – Dos Ojos

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About mid-way between Akumal and Tulum on highway 307 on the west side of the road is a clump of cenotes centered on Dos Ojos (or two eyes). It is a bit confusing, since when you come off of the highway there are signs for a museum, multiple cenotes, and one ticket booth. The ticket booth only sells tickets to Dos Ojos cenote as far as I could tell. You need to buy tickets to the other cenotes in a different building. It was also confusing because once you leave the initial parking lot you have to drive a few kilometers on a bumpy dirt road to get to Dos Ojos. On the way you pass Cenote Jaguar, Nicte Ha cenotes, but you can’t use your Dos Ojos ticket to get in. They are all separate. Once you get to Dos Ojos, you find that it is a very large cavern cenote, or rather two cavern cenotes. Both cenotes are very large with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites underwater. Water temp was probably around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, feels really cold when you first get in, but very refreshing once inside. It is a large area so can handle a lot of people. A restaurant and a rental kiosk were also available.


No insect repellent and no sun screen.


$200 Pesos


There is an underground path between the two eyes, but you need a light. If you have a waterproof light, bring it.

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