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Cenotes – Grand Cenote

Cenotes – Grand Cenote

Our Visit

Located just outside of Tulum on the road to Coba, Gran Cenote has probably the nicest facilities of any of the cenotes we have been to. They have clean changing rooms, and lockers. The grass is manicured. The cenote itself is a cavern cenote. You take a large wooden stairway down into it where they rent snorkel gear ($80 pesos), lockers ($30 pesos) and life vests ($50 pesos). There is a section where they have turtles. You can look but not swim with them. The cenote also has an underground passage to another entrance. Just follow the rope. Water was probably in the 19-22 degrees C (or 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit). It was a bit cold getting in, but very refreshing once you got used to it. Very cool stalactite formations you could see underwater. Not many fish, mostly small platys, and mollies. It wasn’t overly crowded, but as we were leaving a lot of buses and taxis were coming from Tulum.


No fins. Also, no insect repellent or sun screen.


One of the more expensive ones at $150 pesos. Their exchange rate of $15 pesos per dollar was a bit rich (At the time exchange rate was $18.50 Pesos/USD)


Go early. As the day progressed, more and more people came.

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