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Cenotes – Zacil Ha

Cenotes – Zacil Ha

Our Visit

This is on the road to Coba out of Tulum. We actually didn’t go into this one. Just checked it out and took some pictures, so I can’t tell you about the water temp. Though a good guess would be around 70 degrees. At 50 pesos, it is one of the cheaper cenotes. The cenote itself is a surface cenote about the size of a swimming pool. Speaking of swimming pools, they actually have a swimming pool there as well. They also have a palapa for picnics etc. There is a zip line you can take to drop into the water along with a platform to jump from.


No insect repellent or sun screen. Need a life vest to use the zip line.


$50 Pesos


Didn’t try it but the zip line looked like fun.

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