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Los Rapidos – Day Trips from Xcalak, Mexico

Los Rapidos – Day Trips from Xcalak, Mexico

Located at mile marker 8 KM on route 307 between Chetumal and Bacalar is the restaurant at Los Rapidos. It is located on a creek that connects the Xul-ha Lagoon and Bacalar lagoon. The difference in elevation is enough to give it a decent current, thus the name. It isn’t white water like you would see in the western United States. More of a Lazy River kind of feel. It is clean sweet water that is crystal clear. They also have a number of seating areas along the creek including some covered day beds to chill out on. You can hit this as part of a day-trip to DzibancheKohunlichChacchobenBacalar or Chetumal.

Our Visit

The day we went was overcast with the occasional downpour. So, we opted to eat in the little palapa at the north end of the property. The food was tasty and reasonably priced, with the usual guacamole and totopos (corn chips), tacos, salbutes, etc. They also have hamburgers and fries for those so inclined. The cool thing to do is to walk up stream, hop in, and float back through the property. Bring a snorkel and mask so you can check out the Stromatolites, structures that were created by cyanobacteria, some of the oldest known organisms on planet earth. There are a few cichlids and other tropical fish as well in the fresh water of the creek.

They also have a pet monkey and we found a family of bats hanging out under the palapa out of the rain as well.

Don’t Miss

Don’t forget to bring your snorkel, you don’t need fins, for a run down the “rapids”. You can dive down and check out the undercuts, and the stromatolites along the banks.

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