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Restaurant Review – Asadero El Pollo

Restaurant Review – Asadero El Pollo

So I am a bit of a foody, and one of the things I like is finding out of the way eateries that are punching way above their weight class. Sometimes it’s a pastry cart in Bangkok, or an Oden cart in Tokyo on a winter’s day that is just amazingly delicious. An example would be my favorite Thai restaurant outside of Thailand is a little tiny restaurant in Tokyo called Hot-Hot Rapport. It is a tiny (as in seats about 12 people if they are really skinny), is run by a single Japanese woman. She closes down for the summer to go to Thailand to buy her spices. Her lunch is a vegetable red curry, a Thai chicken rice or a “Special” which is Thai red curry on the Thai Chicken rice. That’s it. But it is delicious. You could have a 45 minute to an hour wait at the lunch rush. Her dinner reservations were given out by lottery once a year for the year. But man, her flavors, and spices were to die for.

Well Asadero El Pollo, doesn’t win any awards for original name. The name literally means barbequed chicken. But this little side of the road restaurant, while I wouldn’t rank it up there with Rapport, is quite a find. It is just south of the first gas station as you pull in to Bacalar coming from Xcalak in a sky blue building. It advertises itself as Sinaloa style barbeque. The spices on the chicken, when mixed with the charcoal barbeque are really good. We usually buy a whole chicken which includes rice, a tomato salsa, pickled onions, some habanero sauce and some fresh tortillas for $125 pesos or just under $7 USD as of this writing. If you have time, eat it there while it is hot. It is delicious. If you bring it back to your Xcalak Hotel, you can pull the meat off and put some mayo on bread and it makes an incredible chicken sandwich as well.

So if you are going on a daytrip to DzibancheKohunlich, the Bacalar Museum or the Mayan Cultural Museum, you will be driving right by this restaurant. Go check it out and leave comments if you do. We would love to hear what you think.

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