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Restaurant review – Costa de Cocos

Restaurant review – Costa de Cocos

Located inside the Costa de Cocos resort, they brew their own craft beer and distill their own moonshine. The restaurant has Pizza, as well as other traditional dishes, like tacos and even chicken fingers. Their signature pizza is the lobster mango pizza (in season). Lobster on a pizza is quite delicious. They have a deck that overlooks the Caribbean which is a nice place to have lunch. They also deliver to Acocote Eco Inn, so if you would like to have pizza delivered to your suite, please let us know and we can order it for you.

Price: Lunch is 100-150 pesos, Dinner $200-300 Pesos, around $200 pesos for a large pizza.

Ambiance: In door dining with nice wooden furniture. Large bar. Outdoor deck on the water.

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