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Restaurant Review – Gringo Dave – Closed as of Mar 6, 2016

Restaurant Review – Gringo Dave – Closed as of Mar 6, 2016

Located right at the entrance to town, Gringo Dave’s sign says International and Wild Seafood. That sounds kind of weird but it is surprisingly delicious. Gringo Dave’s is run by a Japanese man, Go Nakamura, He takes local ingredients, and mixes it with Japanese style cooking and comes up with some very good results. You can always find fresh fish, either fried with panko or grilled. He does traditional Japanese comfort food with a Mexican twist. His karage (Japanese fried chicken) is delicious, and his seafood curry has whole blue crab in it made in Japanese curry style from local ingredients. Makes it a bit messy to eat but it is delicious. He usually has fried barracuda which if you haven’t tried it is very tasty. Not your normal white meat fish but very good.

Price: 60-150 Pesos/4-8 USD for most entrees

Ambiance: Gringo Dave’s is in a guano palapa roofed building. Usually has 70’s disco music playing.


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