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Restaurant Review – Las Delicias

Restaurant Review – Las Delicias

This place was recommended to me by a bellman at the 4 Points by Sheraton. And it is a great find. You won’t find any gringos at this place. It is located just before the turnoff to the CUN airport on 307 on the southbound side. You can’t miss the large red Coca Cola tent on the side of the road. Usually with a bunch of tourist vans parked out front. Don’t worry, it’s just the drivers waiting to pick up people at the airport and grabbing a bite while they wait.

Las Delicias is a taco stand that does have a lot of different options. Besides the normal stuff, like ribs (costilla), pork shank (chamorro), maciza (pork butt), they also have more exotic tacos of pork ovaries (nana), pork stomach (buche), pork skin (cuerito), tongue (lengua), pig ears (oreja). or a mix of everything (surtido). So for the adventurous there are a lot of options. For the less adventurous, the chamorro was delicious. However be aware, they don’t have everything every day. For example, they didn’t have ribs when we went last time. But whatever you order, it is delicias 🙂

Sorry the food pic is all red. I probably should have taken it outside of the red tent. In any event, Highly recommended.

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