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San Pedro, Belize – Day Trips from Xcalak, Mexico

San Pedro, Belize – Day Trips from Xcalak, Mexico

[Updated Nov. 6, 2018 Currently it is not possible to get a boat from Xcalak to San Pedro. The only legal way to do it at this time is to leave from Chetumal using the water taxis]


So Xcalak is only 7 miles from the border with Belize. You can take a panga from Xcalak and an hour and a half later you are in San Pedro.

San Pedro, is a hopping town and one of the biggest tourist draws in Belize. It was made famous by the Madonna tune La Isla Bonita. The town on the island of Ambergris Caye (pronounced am BAR gris, Key) didn’t used to have cars, but now the streets of San Pedro are loaded with cars, and golf carts. It does pay to pay attention while you are walking. In San Pedro. There are loads of restaurants, bars, shops and hotels for you to choose from.

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When doing a day trip from Xcalak, you need to reserve your boat at least a day in advance to take care of the immigration documentation on the Mexico side of things. When you arrive in San Pedro, you will arrive at the Immigration dock and go through customs. Once you have done that and filled out your forms you will walk the 3 blocks to the immigration office just outside of the airport. Your boat captain will walk you there. Depending on who you use, I went with Osprey Tours, there is a $50 Peso fee for Mexican Immigration and a $20USD fee for Belizean Immigration.

Talk to your captain and set up a time to meet for your ride home. Don’t want to miss that.

It had been about 10 years since I was last in San Pedro. Back then, it seemed like every square foot of the island was under construction. Well, I guess it was. It is now a bustling town, with loads of shops, bars and restaurants and people. Seriously be careful walking down the streets, there are lots of tourists driving around in golf carts who may or may not have had a few Belikans.

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Some things to do in San Pedro: Snorkel Hol Chan Reserve and Shark Ray Alley, see how Caye Coffee is made, Live music and BBQ at the Palapa Bar. Thanks Kevin Barker of Laminar Fly for the suggestions!

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