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Xcalak Guide Profiles – Chucho Jesus Tolentino Hernandez

Xcalak Guide Profiles – Chucho Jesus Tolentino Hernandez

We have a lot of great independent fly fishing guides here in Xcalak. I am putting up profiles of the guides in this space. I have personally been out fishing with every one that is highlighted here so I can personally vouch for their expertise and professionalism.

It’s been a while since I have gone out with Chucho, (I’ll have to change that 😉 But when I have gone out with him, he is a machine for finding permit. He also has some insight into finding tarpon, especially in the summer when the big ones are migrating.

Age = 39,

Years Guiding = 20 years

Favorite fish = Tarpon, and permit,

Favorite fly = permit = Merkin crab, tarpon = tarpon toad

Name boat(s) = Yamily or Jessy,

Why start guiding = After being a commercial fisherman wanted to try something different and found guiding.

What do you like to do when not guiding = Hunting

Do you tie flies? Not yet,

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