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Day trips – Pedro Santos

Day trips – Pedro Santos

The little town of Pedro Santos is just a few Kilometers south of the Cafetal Road turnoff to Mahahual and Xcalak. It is on 307 heading toward Chetumal. So if you are going on a day trip to the Mayan ruins at Dzibanche or Kohunlich or to Chetumal for the Mayan Museum or the San Filipe Museum you will drive right through what we call Piña Alley. Pedro Santos has dozens of roadside fruit stands clustered around every tope or speed bump, where they will sell pineapples for as little as 50 pesos for 5 small pineapples. At today’s rate that is like 50 cents a piece. They also have larger ones for 4 for 50 pesos or 3 for 50 pesos. Depending on time of year, there is dragon fruit, and other seasonal fruit, but you will always find the pineapple. You can also get raw honey at most of the stands.

You can also get fresh squeezed pineapple juice as well as, if you are feeling lazy, pre-cut pineapple. A note of caution, the pineapple juice has no preservatives and will start fermenting within a day or two even in the fridge, so drink it that day for best results!

The stand at the far north end of town on the east side of the road sometimes has pan de elote or coconut corn bread, which is delicious and if you are in the mood for baked goods, the bakery which is also on the east side of the road, has fresh baked bread, cookies and other pastries.

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