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Day trips – Rancho 5KM

Day trips – Rancho 5KM

This is one that you can come to on the way to the Inn as well as on a day-trip. Rancho 5KM, is surprise, 5KM from the turn off of 307. So as you pass Limones on 307 and make the turn west on the Cafetal Road, at the 5KM mark look to the left and you will see a small building and sign for salsas. Pull over. The proprietor does speak some English.

What you will find there are home made habanero salsas in a variety of flavors, he has baked habanero, tamarind habanero, red habanero, BBQ Habanero, Soy Sauce Habanero (this is surprisingly good), and many more. He grows the habanero behind his house and roasts them on a giant grill right next to the shop. As of this writing he only charges $25 pesos (Update 12/15/2017 looks like they upped the price to $30 Pesos, which is still a screaming deal on a delicious hot sauce) or a bit over a $1 USD per bottle and they are delicious.

He also has habanero spiced peanuts which are also delicious. In the past they were famous for their organic eggs. He still does have them sometimes but he had to cull his flock about a year ago and hasn’t had the same production since. Ask if he has them, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t.

One other spot to check out, about 200 Meters farther down the road towards Xcalak on the right hand side is another small farmer. Depending on time of year, he has 5 Gallon buckets of juice oranges (they are green here, because it doesn’t get cold enough to turn them orange) as of this writing for $40 Pesos or $2 USD, which are delicious. You can make fresh squeezed orange juice here at the Inn (Ask us for a juice squeezer). He also sometimes has sweet potatoes. This guy has dreadlocks and does not speak any English, but you can point and use a calculator for prices.

If you have time, I would stop by both of these local farmers and at least buy a bottle of habanero sauce.

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